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Keep Website Visitors

The Secrets to Keeping Visitors On Your Site and How to Make Them Keep Coming Back For More   How do you keep visitors on your site longer once they’ve clicked through from a search result? Here’s the lowdown that will help boost your online profits:  

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Tips for Designing a Website

15 Web Design Tips, Tricks and Techniques ________________________________________   How many times have you looked at a website and thought to yourself “I wish mine looked that good”?   From layout to graphic design, there are so many elements that turn a good website into a great

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Why Online Marketing Works for Local Businesses

Online Marketing – Can your Business Afford to Be Without it? If you are contemplating taking your business online the challenges and tasks can seem daunting. Online marketing is constantly evolving with new online resources cropping up all of the time. It can be hard to keep

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I Hate Small Business

Why I Hate Small Business! Ok, before you fire up the torches and grab the pitchforks, let me explain.  With it being National Small Business Week I thought this would be a good time to express my thoughts on this subject. I Love what small business stands

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Local Online Marketing Works!

  Local Online Marketing Basics 101 If you want to grow your business, how do you get the word about your product or service? By going where your market is – and these days, that’s online. This article will give you a straightforward, easy to understand overview of

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Holy Spirit Palmyra Website Design

Holy Spirit Palmyra Website Design Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Palmyra was long overdue for a fresh new look when it came to their online presence and website design.  So once they completed building a new church  to house their growing parishioners it seemed liked the perfect time

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Mobile and Your Marketing

  Mobile Marketing A few years ago you may have said I don’t need mobile or care what my website looks like on a phone but Today for all businesses it is no longer a luxury instead it is a necessity to display properly a smart phone.  Depending on the

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How to Claim Your Free Google Places Plus Page

  Marketing on Google Have You Claimed Your Free Local Google Places (+) Listing? According to Google themselves only 17% of local businesses have claimed   their free listing on Google Places or most recently named Google+ Local. Since Google is the number one search engine most people

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