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Why I Hate Small Business!

Ok, before you fire up the torches and grab the pitchforks, let me explain.  With it being National Small Business Week I thought this would be a good time to express my thoughts on this subject. I Love what small business stands for where Americans believe they live in the greatest country in the world and in the land of opportunity, where anybody who has a great idea, determination, and a drive to work hard can start a business and reap the rewards of their efforts. I just don’t like the phrase or term “Small Business”.

In my mind, I could be wrong but this phrase or way of thinking had to be started by someone either that never owned a business, was in “big” business or the government because I do not think any Small Business owner today would have thought to call or categorize themselves by this name.

As a “small” business person myself, who has had the rewarding experience to work with andOpen for Business establish valuable relationships with several business owners and entrepreneurs over the years, I for one do not consider my business to be small.  I know my clients do not and honestly feel any business owner who thinks this way could very well be setting themselves up for failure.

Let’s face it, being a business owner is hard!  You and you alone are ultimately responsible for your own success and that is what makes being an entrepreneur so incredibly rewarding and to be honest very challenging and sometimes even makes you think why?

Right or wrong, for all the independent business owners I know, besides their faith, family and friends their business is their top priority. Besides overseeing or doing the daily operations of managing, marketing and running their business they simply cannot stop thinking about ways to improve and make their business better.

After all,  this is their livelihood where they gain their self-respect, feeling of accomplishment and worth. Their business puts a roof over their family’s head, pays the bills, puts food in their children’s mouths, sends them to college and as we all know much more.

How can anything this important in someone’s life be considered “Small”? People start businesses because they are passionate about or really believe in an idea or product and in the end are looking for a return on their investment of time, money and emotion.  I personally have such respect for anyone that is willing to start a business and follow their dream and take great pride being in a position to help them reach their goals.
Why Didn't Lewis and Clark Use Mapquest?

Using the almighty Google I tried to find exactly where the phrase was coined or came from but unfortunately did not have much luck. However, it was eye-opening researching the subject a little. Actually the term as we know it today has an interesting and over 150 year history. According to SmallBusiness.com, In their recent article they explain that before the Industrial Revolution all business was small business. Mainly because transportation and communication was slow and inefficient, the ability to mass produce (manufacture) in factories and in other ways was very limited because of energy sources and Banks also were not equipped to support the big business mentality. When large or “bigger” businesses came about they had to come up with a way to identify or differentiate the two.

Above I referenced a few different synonyms for Small Business like Independent or Entrepreneur and also like Enterprise,  but am curious to hear what you think a good name or phrase may be to replace the term small business.  Changing the name would be a long uphill battle and honestly one I am not willing to fight.


If you could rename Small Business, What would it be?


Not necessarily as how others see or categorize it but in how you or business owners you know  may see or feel about themselves as business owners.

Small business has done great things for America and continues to do so both for our local communities and improving the lives of individual Small Business Owners themselves. I just wish we could come up with a better name that truly exemplifies the spirit of those that many times risk so much in the hope of a better life and greater reward.



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