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Holy Spirit Palmyra Website Design

Old Holy Spirit Palmyra Catholic ChurchHoly Spirit Catholic Church in Palmyra was long overdue for a fresh new look when it came to their online presence and website design.  SoNew Holy Spirit Catholic Churh Website once they completed building a new church  to house their growing parishioners it seemed liked the perfect time to get to work and design a new website to show off their beautiful new church.  Also to start using a new friendlier domain name www.HolySpiritPalmyra.com

The Process and design was collaborative effort on the part of several key players who contributed their “Time, Talents & Treasure” to the Project .  Including Ian Bonner from Main Street Media, Todd Archer with Archware Computer Solutions and Rob Gundermann with Premier Marketing Group. It included multiple meetings with Father Jim and the Parish Manager Shay to get a better idea of exactly what they were looking for in their new website.

First and foremost it had to have a clean and professional look with easy functionality to find information, mass times along with directions and of course we wanted to showcase the new church both inside and out.  It also needed to simply display information on their many organizations, committees, ministries and fundraisers.  With several local and Hershey vacationers viewing it on their mobile devices it absolutely needed to display in a mobile friendly format using a mobile website design.

Since Shay was working with an old website it was hard for her to even make the simplest of content and image changes.  Using a new WordPress Website Design we were able to create something that is very easy to edit and make changes through the year for different holidays and events.   Also we were able to embed their parish calendar to display right inside the website so she would only have to edit and keep one calendar up to date.

Some other features included in the site are click to call, linked to their Facebook page, mass schedules, email newsletter sign up bulletins, forms, frequently asked quesitons  and even the verse of the day!

the website provides photos and information on not only the history and building of the new church but also of the catholic faith and welcomes anyone to visit them to learn more.




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