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A few years ago you may have said I don’t need mobile or care what my website looks like on a phone butPMGMobile Today for all businesses it is no longer a luxury instead it is a necessity to display properly a smart phone.  Depending on the Industry about 1 out every 3 or even half the people viewing your website is doing so on a mobile device which includes a smart phone or tablet.  If visitors have to “pinch and squeeze” their way through your website to follow your call to action they will not stay very long on your site and more than likely move onto your competitors site.

Their are really 3 options well 4 when it comes to mobile if you do nothing which I highly do not recommend.

1. Create your site so that it is very simple with not a lot of buttons and easy navigation so it displays fairly well on a mobile device.

2.   Create or have someone build a separate mobile website which acts as sort of mobile web app.  You place a code inside your website and it can determine what device someone is viewing your site on and displays the appropriate version. Cost about $500 plus monthly hosting and management fees.  These are challenging because you have to maintain two sites with content and images.

3. Design your site to be Mobile Responsive.  This is mine and Google’s preferred method.  Design one site that automatically resizes and adjusts content and the layout to fit the device regardless if it is a desktop or a phone.

What does your website look like on a phone or tablet?   Check it out at here… 

Now think of it as your customer viewing it and what their experience is like.






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