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Each of our Client Relationships starts with a brief in person meeting or phone call. Here we will take the time to learn a little more about your business and what your looking to achieve by us working together. This will also give you a chance to ask any questions and learn more about our experience and expertise. From here we can both decide if there is any point moving forward. If there is a mutual agreement that we can both benefit from working together than the fun begins.

Step 1: Goals & Strategy

We will complete an intense written business and marketing survey followed by a private consultation to discuss your answers and get a clearer sense of your expectations. This will be used to determine your goals, overall offline and online business strategy, successful and failed marketing efforts as well many more pieces of vital information in determining the best way to move forward.

A comprehensive needs analysis of your business and audit of your current website will be performed to identify areas to improve design and search engine rankings. Market research will be done both on your industry and your competition to determine the best plan of attack. Once all this is complete you will receive a detailed report along with our recommendations and investment summary that we feel is the best plan of action to not only achieve but exceed your goals. After you have had a chance to review everything we will schedule a final meeting to go into more detail and answer any questions before moving on to Step 2.

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Step 2: Design & Conversion

Steps taken in Phase 2 will be highly effected by what we learn in Step 1. We may make small design or optimization changes to the current website or begin a fresh Mobile Responsive and SEO friendly Web Design. So many business owners want more traffic to their websites when in many cases they could increase their sales by making simple adjustments to their strategy, design and call to actions to improve conversions.

Many Products and Services can be utilized to help both in the conversion and driving more traffic to your website but we have tried to break these down into where we believe they add the most value. After evaluating your needs we will be able to identify what would be the best investment for you at the time. To increase conversion, maybe implementing a new Call to Action, Landing Page or utilizing a professional Custom Video Profile of your business is what is needed to build your visitor’s trust in you and your product and services. Now that we know our target and goals, have a solid design and page that converts it is time to move on to Step 3 and start driving lots of high quality targeted traffic to your site.

Internet Marketing AgencyStep 3: More Targeted Traffic

There are many creative ways to increase traffic to your website. Some will cost more than others and some will get fast short term results while other investments can provide greater benefits for years to come. Depending on your needs and goals, we may recommend a Search Engine Optimization strategy with long-term results in mind or create and optimize an online advertising campaign for Google Adwords Marketing or Facebook Advertising. If a local business or professional you will definitely want to take advantage of our Local Internet Marketing Services that work overtime to make sure that the next time someone is searching for your products or services in your area THEY FIND YOU!  Regardless of which method is chosen you can rest assure that with our market leading Conversion Tracking and Analytics you will be able to see and Measure your Return on Investment every step of the way.